Social Networking Service

Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging

Do these words strike fear into your heart?

They shouldn't. The simple fact is that social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Blogs, when used properly, are a great way to build brand recognition and reach out to your customers. In addition to advertising sales and telling people about upcoming events, your customers and community get a chance to know you more personally.

Social Networking Assistant - What We Do

We take care of posting to Facebook and Twitter, gaining you new followers and increasing your exposure the right way. You'll never have to log in to Facebook or Twitter again. We are your Social Networking Assistant.

In addition, if you need to get a message out to your followers, you can give us up to 5 articles each month. We will rewrite them to be relevant, keyword rich and SEO friendly; then post them to your Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  We can even link the tweets and posts back to your web site.

Build Social Network

Need help building your Social Network?  Do you require a Custom WordPress Blog? We offer these and other social networking services, some at no additional cost.